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Poker is more than a game: It is a search for truth. It is a search for direction amid misdirection, veracity amid deception. A search for weakness in the strong, and a quiet strength amid the meek. Substance amid braggadocio, and power amid those lurking subtly in the shadows.

A person’s true nature amid an Oscar-worthy performance, and an effort to go one level beyond the person staring you down and trying to take bread from your family’s table.

Poker is a search for honor among thieves, and a glimmer of righteousness in those who would collude and steal.

A search for meaning in telltale signs, and cold hard factuality where meaning is but an illusion.

A search for knowledge and certainty where information is scarce, and a search for reality, if any, in that knowledge.

A search for a flicker of conscience in those who would sully the game’s good name.

A search for humility in those who would disrespect their opponents, whether deserved or not.

A search for meaning beyond the mere accumulation of wealth.

A search for humanity amid the greatness, and true selfawareness among the pretenders.

Find and decipher the reality behind the mask; theirs, and yours.

Poker is a search for truth.

Editor’s Note: John “Johnny Quads” Wenzel is the former editor of Poker Pro Magazine and the author of three books and hundreds of articles on poker. He lives in west Iowa where he plays and deals poker and is working on his second novel.

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