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We offer readers and in-depth view of some of the most beautiful, exclusive casino properties in the world and, as an added bonus, we search for appealing offers to make your next visit that much more valuable with discounts, promo codes and exclusive offers available to Casino World Magazine readers. Readers will get an inside look at our featured Casinos, events, spas, shows, restaurants and so much more.

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Valerie Ross is a household name in Canadian poker and has been leisurely playing poker for 8 years. She holds a Masters Degree in business from the University of Athabasca and has over 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience. She was a featured contributor to PokerPro Magazine as well as other various Fitness and Lifestyle Magazines.



With over 10 years experience in Casino Operations and managing director of two corporations, Garett Anderson has been involved with the gaming industry both within Canada and internationally and has both the drive and ability to lead Casino World Magazine as it becomes an industry leader of casino & gaming lifestyle media.



Linda Keller, Creative Director of Keller Communications brings over 30 years experience in the print and publishing industries. We strive to bring a fresh and unique perspective to Casino World Magazine that offers readers a comprehensive and enjoyable experience both in the print magazine and online.



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